Why You Need Fire Protection

Why You Need Fire Protection

Fire protection is the study and practice of vindicating the uninvited effects of potentially destructive fires.

Fire is said to be is a good servant but a bad master. Fire is useful when monitored and controlled. Left unchecked, however, it is quite dangerous and destructive. You must be careful to use fire wisely and under control so that it will not hurt you.

This why Utility Engineering is always on the wait to see you protected against fire through

  1. Providing adequate means of escape from buildings
  2. Outline clear pathways to exit doors
  3. Install smoke detection systems
  4. Maintain smoke suppression systems
  5. Conduct regular fire drills
  6. Use flame-retardant materials in interiors
  7. Make your office accessible to firefighters
  8. Keep the building plans handy
  9. Help you Comply with National Building Code
  10. Help you Comply with National Fire Service Code
  11. Fire Detection and Alarm Systems
  12. Life Safety and Property Protection
  13. Fire Extinguisher Installation

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