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Top-Notch Building, Mechanical & Sanitation Solutions.

How We SERVE You!

Building Services

We provide complete designing, construction and various interior and exterior services for your building project.

Mechanical Services

Our mechanical services provide technical engineering in plumbing, electricals, fabrication and more.

Sewerage Services

We ensure optimum sanitation and cleanliness in your environment through our express sewerage and water treatment.

General Consulting

We provide consulting services in any of our core areas: building, mechanical and sewerage to solve problems in residential, industrial and commercial areas.




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We help in the installation, servicing and repair of your products when yo buy from u. We also engage in repair of your system.

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You Can Always Bank on Our high-quality Standards

Utility Engineering and Technological Services Limited is a proudly Ghanaian owned company that has three extensively experienced core engineers who also second as shareholders. Utech’s core services are Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing ( MEP) for buildings, factories , oil and mining companies.


Premium Quality Assured

We focus on ensuring that every segment of your project, from building to mechanical, is done with top-notch quality in mind.


Superb Customer Experience

We pride ourselves in ensuring that your entire customer experience with us is the best possible. 

Why Choose Us

The team at UTECH is very experienced. We know our job and we strive to deliver the highest quality standards possible
for all your projects. You can always bank on our quality standards. 

Effective Team Work

Work with a company with effective team collaboration and networking in dealing with your project. 

10 + Years Experience

We have decades of experience in providing building, mechanical, sanitation and technical problems, we leverage on that to serve you better. 

High Technology Factory

We use the latest tools and technology to deliver the best quality for you. 

Our Clients.

Some of our clients

Insights from OUR Blog

Gain knowledge, and learn more about security, plumbing, access control and more. Learn how it applies to your home, business or organization.


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Why Sewerage Cleaning

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