About Us

Utility Engineering and Technological Services Limited is a proudly Ghanaian owned company that has three extensively experienced core engineers who also second as shareholders. Utech’s core services are Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing ( MEP) for buildings, factories , oil and mining companies. (more…)

Building Services

Plumbing, Fire protection, Electrical, HVAC ( Air Conditioning), Fire Protection, Architectural plans, Building Construction, Road Construction.

Mechanical Services

 Welding, Cladding & Installation, Piping Engineering,

Sanitation Services

Water Treatment ( through River Osmosis or Clorination) Sewerage Treatment (Converting Waste into Biogas)

We have been successfully delivering projects for our new and repeated clients.


Our Projects

Due to our knack for excellence we have become the preferred choices for homes, offices, factories, oil and mining companies all over the country.

Plumbing Works

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Building Construction

Building Construction Works

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Solar Panel Installation

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Road Construction

Road Conctruction

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Distribution Board Installation

Electrical Installations

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Chiller Pipping

Air Conditioning

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What We Do

We focus on consistently setting the standards in mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering services. The following entails our range of services.

Design & Construction

Consultancy, architectural , schematic and 3D drawing services for building design and support with construction.  

Plumbing Services

We provide plumbing for homes, offices, factories, oil and mining companies.

Water Treatment

We use of either the reverse osmosis or the chlorinator to threat water.

Sewerage Treatment

In sewerage treatment we look at converting waste to biogas.

HVAC (Air Conditioning)

We provide air conditioning installation services for homes and offices

Residential Gas Piping

We work on gas piping installation for factories and industries.

Electrical Installations

We provide multifaceted range of  designing and installation of all works related to electrical services.  

Fire Protection

We provide fire safety services to offices, homes and industries.

We have been serving some of the most trusted brands

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